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Accelerating Campus Excellence
Accelerating Campus Excellence—commonly referred to as “ACE”—is a game-changer for Richardson ISD. ACE is a program geared to bolster academic performance through efforts far beyond just those in the classroom. Highly qualified and exceptionally trained teachers, social and academic skill building, highly structured school support systems, with strong campus leadership collectively provide our scholars an optimal learning environment. ACE tears down the barriers hindering students and teachers at RISD’s highest-need campuses.

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ACE Program

Four RISD schools—Carolyn Bukhair Elementary, Forest Lane Academy, RISD Academy and Thurgood Marshall Elementary implemented ACE beginning with the 2018-19 school year. The district is just the third in Texas to undertake ACE. Dallas and Fort Worth ISDs have worked the program successfully and provided an educational environment for students at high-poverty schools to achieve consistent academic success.

Under the ACE model, many hurdles to student learning are removed while academic, social/emotional, nutritional and support needs are met. Academic intervention is built into the school day and our students are afforded after school learning opportunities. Tutoring and academic support is built into daily and weekly schedules.


Program Benefits

Free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Offered to All Students
After School Enrichment Programs Provided at No Cost
Structured Student Culture Routines Embedded in the Day
Targeted Social Emotional Lessons for Students
Personalized Intervention Provided Daily

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The ACE model was implemented at Carolyn Bukhair, Forest Lane, RISD Academy and Thurgood Marshall elementary schools starting with the 2018-19 school year.

Each of the selected campuses has struggled to meet or maintain state standards for multiple years and rank among RISD’s highest-needs schools in terms of student poverty and socioeconomic barriers to academic success. Significant need exists to consistently improve academic performance and accelerate academic growth at the four schools.

Yes. ACE schools may have central programming as determined by campus and district needs.

ACE teachers have an opportunity to receive additional compensation by earning local designations specified in the RISD Teacher Incentive Allotment.

All certified teachers are eligible to apply, and the ACE principals making hiring decisions will be look for educators with a demonstrable track record of student growth, with an emphasis on students with higher needs. Data is used to identify teachers whose students surpass and outpace expected levels of success during the period that teachers have them. Click here to apply.

ACE teachers in the 2021-22 school year will have the same schedule as all other RISD elementary schools. Students have an opportunity to participate in after school extended learning opportunities through RISD xPlore.

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Join a team of high-performing teachers. Receive a substantial stipend and enhanced administrative and instructional support. Most importantly, have a lifelong impact on kids.

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