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The COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges to school systems throughout the world, but within those challenges lie opportunities to reimagine learning in new ways while also ensuring students and staff are safe and emotionally supported. RISD is committed to ensuring ALL students connect, learn, grow and succeed.

the blueprint

The Blueprint – Fall 2020 Return to School Plan

While community health data continues to change, RISD is in regular contact with local public health officials and adjusting plans accordingly. All plans in this website are subject to change based on evolving conditions.

Fall 2020 Instructional Models

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Richardson ISD is implementing instructional expectations to provide consistency and excellence across ALL learning environments while ensuring the health and safety of students and staff.

The global pandemic continues to be an ever-evolving and fluid situation. Similarly, RISD’s learning environments will likely evolve over the course of the school year. Families may begin classes in-person, and later move to virtual environments if COVID-19 outbreaks occur or health authorities mandate the closure of school buildings. Conversely, families may choose to begin the school year in the virtual learning environment and shift to in-person learning at designated transition periods. Regardless of the learning environment, RISD is committed to providing the highest quality learning experience for students.

Richardson ISD’s commitments to ensuring ALL students have an equitable educational experience and access to the highest quality materials and instructions include:

  • The TEKS Resource System (TRS) will be used as the curriculum for both instructional models, ensuring ALL student lessons align to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
  • Daily learning experiences are designed to meet the individual needs and environment of the learner.
  • Staff will utilize the strategies and practices associated with virtual and face to face learning to ensure ALL students grow academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Both the virtual learning model and in-person experience will use the same Google Classroom, use the same grading practices, including GPA/class rank, and use the same assessment calendar and expectations.
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