Classroom Observation Requests

An RISD Classroom Observer:

A classroom observer is a college/university student or alternative certification candidate who needs to obtain field-based observation experience to fulfill a class or program requirement. The number of observation hours should not exceed 60 hours.

Classroom Observer Application Process:

  • Access the application using the following link: and select START AN APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT. Under EXTERNAL APPLICANT select START AN APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT. Follow the applicable instructions to begin the application.
  • In the position desired section of the application, select Classroom Observer. The form will then change from an employment application to a request to observe. Follow the instructions provided. References are not required to complete the application.
  • No observations may occur until the application has been approved.
  • Observation approval notifications will be emailed through the Application System.
  • Upon approval, observers will be invited to visit the Administration Building, room 111, to obtain a Classroom Observer ID badge
  • Observers are responsible for contacting individual campuses to request observation hours and schedule observation times.
  • Applications must be renewed each semester and include current syllabus or program acceptance letter.

Classroom Observer Guidelines:

  • Requests for observations must be associated with a college course or Alternative Certification Program Requirement
  • A current class syllabus or Alt. Program acceptance letter is required with the application
  • Observation hours must not exceed 60 hours
  • Observations are not permitted prior to the first six weeks of instruction per semester.
  • Direct student contact is prohibited.
  • Cell phone use and video recording are prohibited during observations.
  • No observations are permitted in Special Education settings.
  • The district does NOT make observer It is the responsibility of the approved observer to contact individual campuses to request a placement and schedule observation times.
  • Professional dress and decorum are required.
  • Observers must present and wear the district issued Classroom Observer identification badge.
  • Classroom observations requests are subject to availability and campus principals reserve the right to deny requests.

Observation Application Deadlines:

  • Fall: The last week in September
  • Spring: The last week in January
  • Summer: The last week in May

Classroom Observation Windows:

  • Fall: The first week in October – The first week in December
  • Spring: The first week in February – The first week in May
  • Summer: The first week in June – The last week in June