RISD Optional In-School Rapid Antigen Screening Program

Richardson ISD is participating in a state of Texas program that provides a limited number of rapid antigen screening tests to participating school districts. The in-school screening program will be available to employees and students who develop COVID-19 symptoms while at school during the school day. The optional screenings can be provided at no cost to students with parent consent.

The program will begin on Tuesday, December 1. A completed consent form is required for each student to be eligible to receive a screening test. Parents with multiple RISD students will need to complete a consent form for each student they would like to be eligible. Parents will need their child’s student identification number to complete the form. The student identification number is available on report cards, in Focus, as part of the student’s district email address, or by calling the child’s school.

Click here to complete the student consent form online.

See the links below to download the student consent form to print and return to the school’s front office, if preferred.

RISD In-School Rapid Screening Program

  • Any and all students and staff experiencing symptoms at school will be placed in an isolated area and cannot remain at school, regardless of a negative screening test result.
  • Symptomatic students or staff at school are eligible to receive a rapid antigen screening test.
  • Students and staff should NOT come to school to request a test if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Screenings are optional and require signed parent consent for students under age 18.
  • Screenings are conducted by trained RISD staff with results available within 24 hours.
  • A positive test result will help inform RISD’s next steps related to contact tracing, and the person’s next steps related to care, isolation or additional testing.
  • The tests used are rapid antigen tests supplied by the state of Texas, and while designed to be most accurate while a person is experiencing symptoms (97-98% accurate), are not considered as completely accurate as PCR tests are considered to be.
  • Signed consent for this screening is required, and Health Services staff will also contact parents directly before a screening is given if a student is experiencing symptoms at school.
  • Completion of an employee consent form is required for RISD employees who wish to receive a rapid screening test. Forms are available to employees at the time of the screening.
  • Central RISD employees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms during the work day and interested in a rapid screening should work with their supervisor to make arrangements for a screening with RISD Health Services.

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