Enroll for the Upcoming 2023-2024 School Year
IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT fill out two or more applications at the same time. Doing that will cause issues to the submission. Please complete and submit one application at a time.

Important Information about Online Enrollment for Currently Enrolled (Returning) Students

Available for returning RISD students, currently enrolled in grades EE and Pre-K through 11, including Magnet Schools.

  • A “Snapcode” is required for Returning Student Online Enrollment.
  • One application per student.
Currently enrolled RISD families will be sent a letter and/or email from their child’s school during the week of February 21, 2023 containing detailed instructions for accessing the PowerSchool system for their students.

  • The letter and/or email contains instructions and a secure “Snapcode” that links directly to each student’s information.
  • A “Snapcode” is a unique enrollment code assigned to each student each year; therefore, the Snapcode serves as a key for parents to access their child’s online enrollment form each year
  • Snapcodes are different for students each year.
  • Parents with multiple students in RISD will receive a separate Snapcode for each currently-enrolled student.
  • Letters will be sent home in weekly folders at elementary schools and mailed to parents of secondary students during the week of February 21, 2023. Parents who have provided RISD with an email address will also receive an email notification containing a unique Snapcode.
  • Once a unique Snapcode is entered and associated with an account, the Snapcode does not need to be entered again.
  • Families will not be able to begin the online enrollment process until they have received a Snapcode for their students.
  • If a family does not get a Snapcode, a parent/guardian can contact their school to request it, or email to have the Snapcode sent to the email address on file for the student’s primary parent or guardian contact (if any).
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