Our Graduate Profile

We believe...

  • In creating a safe learning environment that empowers every student in RISD to take risks, be creative, find acceptance, and grow.
  • That education is an effective tool that can prepare every student in RISD for life after high school including teaching life skills.
  • Every student in RISD will have the capability and desire to learn and rise to the level of expectations for individual success.

Financial Literacy

  • Comprehends financial skills and available resources (earning, spending, saving/investing, borrowing, and protecting money).
  • Applies knowledge of financial skills to real life situations learned through simulations/experiences.
  • Demonstrates the use of critical thinking, math skills and technology as tools to analyze financial reports/scenarios.
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Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

  • Undertakes risks with thoughts and ideas and learns through mistakes in a supported environment.
  • Analyzes problems, evaluates options and applies solutions.
  • Exhibits curiosity, tenacity, resourcefulness, and innovation in and out of school.
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Effective Communication

  • Engages in multiple methods of communication including oral, written, and non-verbal, where all participants feel heard, valued, and understood.
  • Understands the audience and the situation and identifies the appropriate response.
  • Communicates professionally using a variety of methods and technologies.
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Real World Connections

  • Communicates and collaborates effectively.
  • Advocates for self and others.
  • Adapts and is flexible.
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Emotional Intelligence

  • Develops a positive self-worth and increases belief in one’s self and one’s capacity to thrive in different situations.
  • Advocates effectively for self and forms resiliency in the face of adversity.
  • Values others (cultural awareness, being open-minded).
Graduation Cap

Our Learner Outcomes

To ensure academic success for all RISD students…
  • Every student will develop and apply problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity in real-world scenarios and experiences to achieve individual goals.
  • Students will accumulate meaningful and effective communication skills to address audiences appropriately in a variety of ways.
  • Each student will have the tools to succeed in their choice of college, post-secondary training, and/or career post graduation.