How many guests will each graduate be able to invite to graduation?

Each RISD graduate will receive up to 12 tickets to the ceremony.

If a friend or family member will not be attending the ceremony, will there be other options for them to view it?

Yes, RISD plans to livestream each ceremony through risd.org.

What is the bag policy?

Where Can I Park for Graduation?

Will there be wheelchair access?

Yes, wheelchair access and seating is available. Guests must provide their own wheelchairs and assistance.

Are masks required at graduation events?

Masks are optional at RISD’s outdoor graduation ceremonies. The CDC recommends that unvaccinated people wear a mask in public settings, and RISD encourages unvaccinated people to do so. Many RISD staff members working at the events will be wearing masks.

Bad Weather Makeup Plan

In the event of inclement weather at the time of a graduation, RISD can delay the start of the event by up to two hours. Weather delays will be communicated over the speaker system and also posted to risd.org for those watching the stream. If inclement weather lasts longer than two hours, or the forecast includes a high probably of dangerous weather such as severe thunderstorms or hail, then RISD may postpone a graduation to an alternate day.

If either of the May 29 Graduations at Eagle Mustang Stadium must be postponed, the ceremony would be moved to June 1 at the same time at Wildcat-Ram Stadium. (Eagle Mustang Stadium would be unavailable for a makeup date due to production conflicts).

If either of the May 30 Graduations at Wildcat Ram Stadium must be postponed, the ceremony would be moved to June 1 or June 2 at the same time at Wildcat-Ram Stadium. The date would be based on whether the previous day’s graduations had also been postponed, and would be communicated immediately to graduating seniors and their parents, as well as posted on the RISD website and social media channels.