Superintendent’s Update – September 24

Dr Stone video Sept 24

Click here to watch the superintendent’s update. Dr. Stone talks about the fourth and final first day of school for 2020-21 and the upcoming window for parents to change their instructional choice, if desired. Other highlights include:

  • Many high school students returned to face to face instruction this week.
  • The universal mask requirement is for everyone. Social distancing is for everyone.
  • Whether our schools are able to stay open for face to face instruction depends directly on whether people not only follow health and distancing protocols while in school but also that students and adults make those same good choices when outside of school.
  • RISD is going to be consistent and relentless with risk mitigation protocols.
  • The window to change a student’s instructional model to in-person from virtual or vice versa is from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2. Information about this process is available from each school.
  • Parents and staff members affected by any positive case in a school are contacted directly and immediately by RISD Health Services.
  • General notifications related to positive cases are sent on Tuesdays and Fridays to all parents and employees at campuses where a new positive COVID case has occurred.
  • Parents and employees can see the most up to date dated case information for their school at any time by visiting the RISD COVID-19 Notification Portal.
  • Please complete the Census at and ensure your family is counted.
  • All parents of students PK-12 are encouraged to complete a brief online student health screener each school day.

Dr. Stone has provided weekly updates throughout the pandemic. Previous messages can be found here.

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