Wednesday Feb. 24 Is An Early Release Day

Early release days were added to RISD’s student academic calendar in 2018-19. There are two more early release days for the current school year: tomorrow, Feb. 24, and April 14. All students – both in-person and virtual – will be released from school two hours early tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 24.

After-school programs, bus schedules and other portions of the daily schedule will be adjusted by two hours, as well. ACE schools will release three hours early at 1 p.m.

Early release days were added to the RISD calendar as a direct result of requests from teachers. These days are meant to provide teachers with more time for instructional planning.

Parents of students in half-day programs and Pre-K should check with their child’s school about the impact of early release days on special programs. Students receiving special education transportation will have their bus service altered to meet early release times. Parents with questions about early release day schedules should contact their child’s school.

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