West Librarian’s Lesson Study Published on Texas Gateway

Dr. Stacey M. Davis, the head librarian at Richardson West Junior High, co-led a lesson study team, whose findings have been published on the Texas Gateway, which is the state’s online resource center for TEKS-aligned instruction.

Dr. Davis and recently retired West ELAR teacher Trisha Harmon undertook the study to teach students how to analyze genre characteristics and organizational patterns and structures, so the students could then effectively plan and write their own compositions.

“My goal is always to teach critical thinking skills and effective use of information, because these are the requisite skills needed for any career or life path in the Information Age,” Dr. Davis said. “Librarians are always looking for ways to collaborate with teachers in authentic learning environments. We demonstrated that collaboration between librarian and teachers can be authentic, relevant, and highly valuable.”

Michelle Stimpson is the Texas Lesson Study Project Manager for TEA Region 10. She said Richardson ISD is the first and only district to utilize the expertise of a librarian in this research-based model alongside classroom educators, and the “TEA was quite impressed with this innovative idea.”  

After its review process to ensure the lesson is rigorous, interactive and ready for the classroom, the Texas Education Agency deemed it worthy of being shared with teachers across the state via the Texas Gateway.

“I am super proud to be the first librarian to do this and to have obtained this recognition because I believe wholeheartedly in the academic value school librarians bring to schools,” Dr. Davis said. “We genuinely can impact teaching, learning, and student achievement in wonderful ways through collaboration.”

Congratulations, Dr. Davis and team; and April is school library month. Please consider taking a second this month to thank your campus librarian for all they do. #RISDGreatness

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