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Seller's Name: Gerald Chapa Jr
Seller's Email: gerald.chapa@risd.org

Item Price: $80
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Posted: 02/27/20
(If this listing is still posted, then this item is still available!)

This listing is for both the canopy and canopy weights (pre-filled with sand!) – NOT sold individually. $80 CASH – FIRM. My wife and I purchased these items prior to the Summer of 2017, and used them a handful of times for our booth at the Garland Farmer’s Market. Since then, they have been stored in our attic, and pulled out once in the spring for Field Day at the junior high where I teach. The canopy and frame is white, and the bags are black, as you can see in the picture, and all items are in near perfect condition. Originally purchased from Amazon, I have included the original pricing for your reference.