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Seller's Name: Gerald Chapa Jr
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Item Price: $50
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Posted: 02/27/20
(If this listing is still posted, then this item is still available!)

Table dimensions – Height: 30 inches, Length: 51 inches, Width: 28 inches.
Glass top dimensions – Thickness: 3/8 of an inch, Length: 51 inches, Width: 28 inches

This past summer, I made us a new dining table that fits our current style (and one that is completely legit), and this glass topped table needs a new home. I originally made this table for my wife and I to use in our 400 square foot apartment whenever we first got married in March 2012. The glass on top is custom for this sized table (purchased for $120 from Alamo Glassworks in Dallas), and is basically driving the current asking price.

The table itself sits 4 people comfortably, 6 people snuggly. The table has been left unfinished from when I first constructed it nearly 8 years ago (as it was supposed to be “temporary”), and there is green paint on some of the wood from Home Depot, you can see the nail heads and some of my original markings, and it needs to be planed and sanded in many areas. What I am saying is that the table is a bit crude or “unpolished” in of itself, but practical and sturdy. Again, up until recently, this table was our dining table and we used it daily. If I keep it, I was planning on using it in a greenhouse for soil/plant preparation, or in my garage for extra work space (both options without using the glass of course). $50 CASH.