This summer, Richardson ISD began the process of creating a Strategic Plan to guide our district into the next decade. Working with employees, students, parents and community members, our school board and superintendent were pleased to be part of the Strategic Plan Design Team that developed six strategic goals for our district to pursue over the next five years.

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We believe that...

  • It is necessary to meet all basic needs.
  • All people have immeasurable value and deserve respect.
  • All people have something unique to contribute.
  • All people have the freedom to choose their path.
  • Embracing our differences strengthens us, and leveraging our differences propels us.
  • All people need meaningful relationships to build valuable connections and inspire a sense of community.
  • Serving others strengthens our local and global communities.
  • All people can continuously learn, adapt, and grow.
  • Failures are valuable opportunities to explore, learn, and succeed.
  • We strengthen our future by nurturing and preparing all children and youth.
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The mission of Richardson Independent School District is to ensure that ALL connect, learn, grow and succeed through relevant and personalized learning experiences distinguished by

  • a welcoming and accepting climate
  • a safe, innovative, and adaptive environment
  • a supportive, collaborative, and invested culture among students, staff, families, and community
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Strategic Objectives

  • All students will maximize their intellect and skills to create their own futures.
  • All students will develop strength of character.
  • All students will contribute to local and global communities.
  • All students will belong to a community of meaningful connections and positive relationships.
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  • We will ensure that we have diverse and engaging programs and learning opportunities to meet the unique needs of all our students.
  • We will guarantee that all students will perform at or above grade level.
  • We will recruit, retain, and reward quality personnel.
  • We will ensure that ALL families, businesses, and community partners are fully engaged in the mission of our district.
  • We will actively pursue creative funding sources and responsibly manage current resources to support our mission.
  • We will ensure that our facilities and infrastructure adapt to support our mission.
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  • We will stand firm in our commitment to all students.
  • We will be unrelenting in our pursuit of excellence.
  • We will treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • We will seek input from all stakeholders.
  • We will honor tradition but not allow it to hold us back.
  • We will operate with persistence and integrity.
  • We will practice responsible stewardship of all our resources.
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  • Comprehensive Committee: Students, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Administrators, Parents, Community Members, Community Partners, Board Members
  • Disciplined Process
  • Whole Group and Small Group Design Approach
  • Decisions Made by Agreement
  • Every Word Matters
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Design Team

Richardson ISD’s Strategic Planning Design Team: by consensus the planning team members confirmed the beliefs and mission and the objectives, parameters and strategies to support this mission.

Design Team Members

  • Abbey Rosenbaum, RISD Teacher
  • Charles Bruner, RISD Human Resources
  • David Leija, RISD Teacher
  • Debbi Richards, Community Member
  • Emma Young, RISD Student
  • Eric Eager, Community Member
  • Farrah Smock, RISD Principal
  • Francy Collins, Community Member
  • Frank Patranella, RISD Principal
  • Ginny Hogg, RISD Curriculum
  • Grace Griffith, RISD Teacher
  • Hans Baldivas, RISD Student
  • Jeannie Stone, RISD Superintendent
  • Jose Vega, RISD Teacher
  • Justin Bono, RISD School Board President
  • Kate Swiney, Community Member
  • Kim Caston, RISD Trustee
  • Kristin Kuhne, RISD Trustee
  • Kyle Staley, RISD Teacher
  • Masud Shamsid-Deen, RISD Career & Technical Education
  • Meredyth Childress, RISD Council of PTAs
  • Mike Jasso, RISD Secondary Operations
  • Oscar Perales, RISD Teacher
  • Patsy Stringer, RISD Community Member
  • Robert Walne, RISD Community Member
  • Sandra Hayes, RISD Administration
  • Silvia Olazaran, RISD Parent
  • Susan Hoff, RISD Community Member
  • Vicki Taylor, RISD Community Member
  • Victor Garza, RISD Community Member
  • Wesley Harris, RISD Student

Action Teams

Student Learning Design

Ensure that RISD offers diverse, engaging programs and learning opportunities that meet the unique need of all students
Learning Design Team Members
Meeting Dates

Educational Equity

Guarantee that all RISD students will perform at or above grade level
Equity Team Members
Meeting Dates

Staffing & Compensation

Support RISD in its efforts to recruit, retain and reward quality personnel
Staffing Team Members
Meeting Dates

Community Engagement

Ensure all RISD families, businesses and community partners are fully engaged in the district’s mission
Community Team Members
Meeting Dates

Revenue & Finance

Actively pursue creative funding sources and responsibly manage current resources to support RISD’s mission
Finance Team Members
Meeting Dates


Ensure that RISD facilities and infrastructure adapt to support the district’s mission
Facilities Team Members
Meeting Dates