School Ratings

CampusOverall RatingOverall Score% Econ. Disadv.
J.J. Pearce High School83B35.4
L.V. Berkner High School74C58.2
Lake Highlands High School77C51.7
Richardson High School83B50.4
Apollo Junior High78C62.8
Forest Meadow Junior High86B68.5
Lake Highlands Junior High78C51.3
Liberty Junior High68NR79.3
Parkhill Junior High85B46.4
Richardson North Junior High83B44.2
Richardson West Junior High84B50.2
Westwood Junior High83B53.8
Aikin Elementary72C89.8
Arapaho Classical Magnet92A27.8
Audelia Creek Elementary68NR88.8
Big Springs Elementary87B43
Bowie Elementary93A17.4
Brentfield Elementary97A11.9
Canyon Creek Elementary94A12.6
Carolyn G Bukhair Elementary81B93.2
Dartmouth Elementary82B50
Dobie Pre-Kindergarten School*84B87.1
Dover Elementary70C91
Forest Lane Academy68NR98
Forestridge Elementary73C83.3
Greenwood Hills Elementary74C73
Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet86B65.8
Jess Harben Elementary84B64.7
Lake Highlands Elementary87B29.9
Mark Twain Elementary83B80.4
Math/Science/Technology Magnet93A51.6
Merriman Park Elementary85B39.5
Mohawk Elementary95A7.8
Moss Haven Elementary86B22.5
Northlake Elementary79C73.3
Northrich Elementary83B68
Northwood Hills Elementary77C58.3
O Henry Elementary83B82.3
Prairie Creek Elementary97A5.1
Prestonwood Elementary87B39.4
Richardson Heights Elementary74C50.4
Richardson Terrace Elementary87B75.4
Richland Elementary78C65.9
RISD Academy68NR94.8
Skyview Elementary71C90.8
Spring Creek Elementary88B26.3
Spring Valley Elementary73C80.5
Springridge Elementary91A80.5
Stults Road Elementary77C81.3
Thurgood Marshall Elementary87B98
Wallace Elementary80B59.9
White Rock Elementary91A25.4
Yale Elementary80B40.2
*Dobie Pre-Kindergarten School receives a rating because it is paired with Richardson ISD under the current accountability system. Christa McAuliffe Learning Center is not eligible to receive a rating.