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Advanced Learning Programs and Services

Richardson ISD believes that each student should have the opportunity to maximize his or her potential ability.


Richardson ISD believes that each student should have the opportunity to maximize his or her potential ability. In support of this tenet, RISD provides a flexible program that accommodates the special needs, abilities and interests of the gifted students through the modification of depth, complexity and pacing in the general school program. Distinguishing features of the curriculum are that it is appropriately differentiated for the gifted, it is connected across grade levels and articulated K-12, it is substantive in subject matter and it is linked meaningfully to the regular curriculum.

Gifted Services

GT Core+ services include a variety of support options for identified students. First, Richardson ISD will utilize the Total School Cluster Grouping model. This model groups GT-identified students together with a teacher who has completed the 30 hours of GT Foundations training. Clustering and teacher support means students will have their instructional needs addressed during all subjects each day. Second, the classroom teacher will be able to utilize grouping strategies that reduce the range of abilities and achievement levels which results in appropriate instructional levels and pacing. Finally, through increased collaboration, the Core Connections will include extensions and enhancements to the learning in the four core areas of instruction.

In addition to GT Core+, we offer GT Pullout services for K-6 for students who need that level of instructional support. Students who qualify for GT Pullout will spend two hours a week with the campus Advanced Learning Teacher exploring concepts in critical and creative thinking culminating in an independent study research project.

Some students learn at a faster pace than others and a small number of them require acceleration that cannot be adequately provided in a general education setting. In some cases, they need two years or more of acceleration in all four core areas of instruction (reading, math, science, and social studies). We will group students in grades 3-6 who have this need at the Math, Science, Technology Elementary School for advanced acceleration. Students will progress through the curriculum at a faster but personalized pace than their current grade peers completing up to 8th grade content by the end of 6th grade. In secondary, students would have the option of graduating early or pursuing deep research along with internships. More information will be provided to families of the students who qualify for Responsive Acceleration Pathways.

Secondary students in grades 7-12 are identified and placed into designated GT sections of pre-AP and then AP courses in English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. While the G/T sections of these courses follow the same scope and sequence as other pre-AP, AP, Dual Credit, and/or OnRamps courses in the district, instruction within those sections is delivered using instructional techniques best suited to G/T learners.


Note: Please check back often as dates may be adjusted to best serve our students.

Our Team

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Monica Simonds

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Jasmine Patel

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Sara Mooney

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