Heat Precautions

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RISD Athletic Heat Precaution Options for Modifying Practices

The following are precautions that RISD coaches, sponsors, athletic trainers and administrators may employ to create the safest possible environment for student athletes during periods of excessive heat.

  • RISD follows UIL medical advisory board standards that limit the length of practices, mandate waiting periods between practices, and do not allow two-a-day practices on back to back days
  • Awareness of temperature / heat index.
  • Stretch inside in A/C and do walk through drills in the A/C
  • Start practices early in the morning or in the evening
  • Shorten practices
  • Provide water in every drill
  • Provide water breaks every 15 to 30 minutes
  • Extend the length of water breaks
  • Have walk through sprinklers on the field
  • Practice without helmets when possible
  • Practice without shoulder pads when possible
  • Have athletic trainers prepared with water bottles and ice towels
  • Weigh athletes before and after practice — monitor weight loss
  • Provide drinks that replenish electrolytes and nutrients
  • If possible find or provide shade
  • Shorten or eliminate conditioning at the end of practice
  • Coaches and athletic trainers will monitor all athletes during practice
  • Cancel outside practice
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