One-Way Spanish

All students in this enrichment program have Spanish as their home language. They have the opportunity to become bi-literate, bilingual, and bicultural scholars. Instruction is provided in English and Spanish and language learning is integrated with content instruction as they progress through elementary years.

Who is eligible to enroll in Dual Language One-Way?

  1. Students in elementary grades PK-2 whose primary/first language is Spanish per home language survey completed when first enrolled in school.
  2. Students who are considered English Learners per language proficiency test taken when first enrolled in school.

Where will Dual Language One-Way be offered?

  • Audelia Creek Elementary
  • Carolyn Bukhair Elementary
  • Dobie Early Childhood School
  • Dover Elementary
  • Greenwood Hills Elementary
  • Lake Highlands Elementary
  • Mark Twain Elementary
  • Northlake Elementary
  • O’ Henry Elementary
  • Richardson Heights Elementary
  • RISD Academy
  • Skyview Elementary
  • Spring valley Elementary
  • Stults Road Elementary
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