General Information

By law, Richardson ISD must have an immunization record for each student on file. These records should be up-to-date at the time of registration. Records must show the month, day and year of each dose of vaccine and must be validated by a physician’s signature or a public health clinic card.  Records must also have the student’s name and date of birth on the record. Children entering Richardson ISD for the first time must present written verification of the required immunizations at the time of enrollment. 

Required Immunizations:

Additional Immunizations Recommended for Children and Adolescents

In addition to the required immunizations for school attendance for each grade level, the Texas Department of State Health Services and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have made additional vaccine recommendations for children and adolescents for added protection against dangerous and potentially life-threatening diseases. 
Click here for a chart of recommended immunizations for different age groups.

Free / Low-Cost Immunization Clinics

Exemptions to Immunization Requirements

The State of Texas does allow for exemptions to the immunization requirements based on medical need or reason of conscience; however, both types of exemptions required proper documentation. Visit the Texas Department of State Health Services school immunization page for more information about immunization exemptions. Regarding exemptions related to religious and/or reasons on conscience: please note that in accordance with state law, RISD can only accept exemption affidavits issued by the State of Texas. Affidavits issued from other states are not permissible for enrollment/attendance. The parent/guardian must provide an original, notarized Texas affidavit before school enrollment/attendance is permitted. Please contact your school nurse for additional information.