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Memorial Park Academy (MPA) is a choice program in Richardson ISD that allows students to earn high school credits in a non-traditional school setting.


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Memorial Park Academy (MPA) in Richardson ISD allows students to earn high school credits in a non-traditional school setting.

Our students attend school for four hours, Monday-Friday. Two sessions are offered to students: a morning session and an afternoon session. There is no cost to students; MPA is taxpayer-supported like other RISD programs. Bus transportation is available for both morning and afternoon sessions.

MPA staff offers students an opportunity to earn a high school diploma with their desired graduation plan. Students may participate in graduation ceremonies with friends and classmates from their home campuses; their diploma will bear the name of their home campus.

How to Apply

Interested in Memorial Park Academy? Apply using one of the following methods:

Fill out an application and return it to your home high school counselor.

To apply in person visit your home high school counselor.

Contact program director Bill Gallo (

Once your application is received, you will be interviewed by the director and the counselor who will review your application and transcript. After these steps, you will be notified of an admissions decision.


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Bill Gallo

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Talandra Griffen

Assistant Director

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Kristin Summers



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