Career & Technical Education

The Richardson ISD Career & Technical Education Department connects ALL students to their future through real-world knowledge, skills, and partnerships so that ALL students may learn, grow, and succeed.

About CTE


Career & Technical Education (CTE) in Richardson ISD prepares all students for the world of work through intentional and meaningful career focused programs of study. Students experience real-world learning environments in all of our industry specific programming. Equipped with the knowledge and technical skills necessary for employment, and the social/emotional capacity to sustain employment, the RISD CTE students are ready for future success in the workforce, college, and civic service.

Additionally, with a dedicated industry and higher education partnership, students in any of our 4 College and Career School Models are connected to their future, equipped with industry relevant knowledge and skills, and are steps ahead of others upon graduation. It’s the #RISDAdvantage!

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