The Richardson ISD Learner Growth Experience

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The RISD Learner Growth Experience Framework was developed by the Strategic Plan design team and utilizes the identified beliefs, the Graduate Profile, and North Star goal to ensure RISD learners have the type of experiences necessary to achieve academic success. The framework is aligned to life-ready skills and instructional best practices to support quality Tier 1 instruction in every RISD classroom.
Learning Framework StageDescription
IgniteIn the Ignite stage, learners will connect with others to spark interest and engagement in the content to focus on their individual growth goals.
Wonder/DiscoverIn the Wonder/Discover stage, learners are engaged and curiosity is fueled through exploration, discovery, and processing of content.
CollaborateIn the Collaborate stage, learners effectively communicate while taking on different roles in sharing ideas and working together to deepen understanding.
Apply/CreateIn the Apply/Create stage, learners will experiment with concepts, make connections, and synthesize and demonstrate mastery of learning.
ReflectIn the Reflect stage, learners use feedback to evaluate and make necessary refinements for growth.