The Strategic Plan 2023 Process

Five Phase Process:


District Design team will include 40 participants representing all RISD stakeholders including students, teachers, staff, parents, community and business partners.  This team will revisit the Graduate Profile and the core beliefs to create a call to action, and district goals, specific results, action steps and learner outcomes for the next five years.


This phase will include a virtual progress meeting for the community, as well as hosting community collaborative feedback sessions to provide the community with feedback opportunities on the work that has been done by the Design Team. District leaders will also be trained on how to facilitate the strategic metrics community engagement feedback sessions, that will align back to the goals and provide another opportunity for community feedback as part of the development process.


During this phase the Strategic Design Team reconvenes and will work to create specific results aligned with the strategic goals. The Create Phase allows members of the community and district to work together to develop and sequence the specific results to achieve each of the proposed goals for the next five years.


Scheduled to happen again in March and this is another opportunity to provide feedback on the outcomes of the Create phase. Sessions scheduled for the community to provide feedback and input.


This phase included training for district and campus leaders to ensure the responsible implementation of the strategic plan and alignment with the district’s and campus improvement planning process.