The RISD Podcast

The RISD Podcast Richardson ISD Microphone
Monthly podcast from Richardson ISD, hosted by superintendent Tabitha Branum, highlighting district achievements and celebrations through student and staff guests.

Episode 5

RISD Superintendent Tabitha Branum joins Chris “Dr. HR” Goodson to discuss STAAR 2.0 with guests Dr. Kristin Leeper, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Services; Gina Ortiz, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction; Jacob Cortez, Executive Director of Accountability and Continuous Improvement. View The RISD Podcast Episode 5 Transcript (PDF)

Episode 4

RISD Superintendent Tabitha Branum joins Chris “Dr. HR” Goodson to introduce Richardson ISD’s new Chief of Staff, Mike Jasso. In the second segment, RISD’s approach to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) supports are discussed by guests Dr. Matthew Gibbins, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services; Joe Miniscalco, Chief Executive Director of Student Services; Dr. Summer Martin, Director of Counseling. View The RISD Podcast Episode 4 Transcript (PDF)

Episode 3

The RISD Podcast – Episode 3 RISD Superintendent Tabitha Branum joins Chris “Dr. HR” Goodson and Dr. Matthew Gibbins for a podcast about services and resources available through the RISD Family Services Center that help families to clear hurdles for teaching and learning, plus a segment on the elementary disability awareness program To Be Like Me. View The RISD Podcast Episode 3 Transcript (PDF)

Guests include:

  • Abbie Kauffman, Network of Community Ministries President & CEO
  • Joe Miniscalco, RISD Executive Director of Student Services
  • Vanessa Montez, Program Specialist, RISD’s Newcomer Center
  • Hollis Owens, Founder & CEO of To Be Like Me
  • Katie Barrett, Executive Director of RISD Special Student Services
  • Becky Stevens, Principal of White Rock Elementary.

Episode 2

In the November episode of The RISD Podcast, Superintendent Branum and Chris “Dr. HR” Goodson talk with some of RISD’s nationally ranked athletes about their expectations for this year and their goals after graduating from RISD.

Episode 1

Premiere episode of The RISD Podcast. Hosted by RISD Superintendent Tabitha Branum and Chris “Dr. HR” Goodson. Guests include Berkner HS Mariachi Band sponsor Lydia Villarreal and student Leo Camacho; RISD principals of the year Dr. Charmaine Curtis and Chris Choat.