Board Recognitions

RISD trustees recognize the importance of the achievements of students, staff, schools, and departments. The board also recognizes community businesses, organizations, and individuals who make important contributions to the district and RISD campuses.

At each regular monthly meeting, the RISD board takes time to celebrate the achievements of our schools, students, staff, and community partners.

If you think someone should be recognized at a board meeting, the following information will help you decide if the honor or achievement qualifies for board recognition. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive.

Student Honors

  • 1st place winners for competitions at district, city and county levels
  • Qualify for state, national or international level competitions
  • All-Academic All-State recipients
  • National Merit commended students, semi-finalists, and finalists
  • Presidential Scholars

Staff Honors

  • County, regional, state, or national awards
  • Successful participation in special invitation-only training or development programs
  • Employees chosen for state-level leadership positions in professional organizations
  • Employees who earn professional certifications such as National Board Certifications
  • Employees that have published an important article, story, presentation, etc.

School/Department Honors

  • County or regional, state or national awards
  • State or national grant recipients

Community Appreciation Awards

  • Recognition of volunteers for certain projects and support
  • Donations or in-kind contributions that support specific district programs

How Do I Nominate Someone?

If you feel that RISD should recognize a student, staff, team, or community organization/person, please complete this form and submit it here.

Only submit the form once students or staff have advanced and completed the highest level of competition. Please note that forms must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the requested board meeting date.

Board Recognition Guidelines and Calendar

As per the guidelines set out above, individuals and teams/groups will be recognized at the monthly board meeting. Click here to see regular board meeting dates.

(Note the number of students that attend the board meeting to represent the team/group may be limited depending on the size of the team. For example, a football team, a band or an AcDec team might have only seniors or captains attend. (This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.)

Recognition Logistics

Students being recognized will meet their coach, sponsor or teacher in the RISD Administration Building foyer up to 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the board meeting. Parents and guests are invited to go directly into the auditorium upon arrival. Attire for all presentations is professional. Students will follow their coach, sponsor or teachers’ directions. The coach, sponsor or teacher will receive specific directions from the RISD Office of Strategy & Engagement prior to the board meeting.

To help with the scheduling of specific appreciations, recognitions, and extracurriculars, the district will use the following calendar as a guide:
August:Backpack Bash Sponsors
September:National Hispanic Heritage Month, Celebrate Freedom Week
October:National Principal Month
November:Native American Heritage Month
December:Cross Country, Volleyball, Holiday Card Winners
January:Football, School Board Appreciation Month, Gates Scholarships
February:Black History Month, CTE Month, Counselor Appreciation Week, Campus Teachers of the Year, National Merit Finalists
March:Swimming and Diving, Basketball, RISD Fine Arts Month, TMEA Band/Choir/Orchestra
April:Multilingual Learner Month, Wrestling, Powerlifting, AVID Dell Scholars, Spelling Bee Winners, Volunteer Appreciation
May:Asian American Pacific Islanders Month, Teacher Appreciation Week, Lunch Hero Day, Soccer, Tennis, DECA/HOSA/TAFE
June:Baseball, Softball, Golf, Track, Principals/APs of the Year, 8 STARS Teachers
  • August: Backpack Bash Sponsors
  • September: National Hispanic Heritage Month, Celebrate Freedom Week
  • October: National Principal Month
  • November: Native American Heritage Month
  • December: Cross Country, Volleyball, Holiday Card Winners
  • January: Football, School Board Appreciation Month
  • February: Black History Month, CTE Month, TMEA Band/Choir/Orchestra, Counselor Appreciation Week, Campus Teachers of the Year
  • March: Swimming and Diving, Basketball, National Merit Finalists, RISD Fine Arts Month
  • April: Multilingual Learner Month, Wrestling, Powerlifting, Spelling Bee Winners, Volunteer Appreciation
  • May: Asian American Pacific Islanders Month, Teacher Appreciation Week, Lunch Hero Day, Soccer, Individual Tennis, DECA/HOSA/TAFE, AVID Dell Scholars
  • June: Baseball, Softball, Golf, Track, Principals/APs of the Year, STARS Teachers
If your recommendation meets the above qualifications, please complete the required form.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Lisa Andrews.