Classroom Observation Requests

In the interest of the health and safety of our students and staff. RISD is limiting our classroom observation opportunities to students attending our specific partner programs and to individuals who will be student teaching or interning with RISD in the subsequent semester.

An RISD Classroom Observer:

A classroom observer is a college/university student or alternative certification candidate who needs to obtain field-based observation experience to fulfill a class or program requirement. The number of observation hours should not exceed 60 hours.

Classroom Observer Application Process:

  • Access the application using the following link: and select START AN APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT. Under EXTERNAL APPLICANT select START AN APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT. Follow the applicable instructions to begin the application.
  • In the position desired section of the application, select Classroom Observer. The form will then change from an employment application to a request to observe. Follow the instructions provided. References are not required to complete the application.
  • No observations may occur until the application has been approved.
  • Observation approval notifications will be emailed through the Application System.
  • Upon approval, observers will be invited to visit the Administration Building, room 111, to obtain a Classroom Observer ID badge
  • Observers are responsible for contacting individual campuses to request observation hours and schedule observation times.
  • Applications must be renewed each semester and include current syllabus or program acceptance letter.

Classroom Observer Guidelines:

  • Requests for observations must be associated with a college course or Alternative Certification Program Requirement
  • A current class syllabus or Alt. Program acceptance letter is required with the application
  • Observation hours must not exceed 60 hours
  • Observations are not permitted prior to the first six weeks of instruction per semester.
  • Direct student contact is prohibited.
  • Cell phone use and video recording are prohibited during observations.
  • No observations are permitted in Special Education settings.
  • The district does NOT make observer It is the responsibility of the approved observer to contact individual campuses to request a placement and schedule observation times.
  • Professional dress and decorum are required.
  • Observers must present and wear the district issued Classroom Observer identification badge.
  • Classroom observations requests are subject to availability and campus principals reserve the right to deny requests.

Observation Application Deadlines:

  • Fall: The last week in September
  • Spring: The last week in January
  • Summer: The last week in May

Classroom Observation Windows:

  • Fall: The first week in October – The first week in December
  • Spring: The first week in February – The first week in May
  • Summer: The first week in June – The last week in June