Student Teacher/Clinical Practicum Requests

Student Teacher/Clinical Practitioner:

A RISD Student Teacher/Clinical Practitioner is a college/university student who needs to fulfill a one or two semester university requirement for direct, guided, and/or gradual release teaching or practicum experience under the supervision of a RISD cooperating teacher/education professional. The placement duration is one/two semesters or for a designated number of hours.

Student Teacher/Clinical Practitioner Placement Request Process:​

  • University, College or EPP program officials contact RISD H.R. at to notify of the placement request.
  • If applicable, RISD H.R. verifies if a current MOU agreement is on file or if a MOU needs to be drafted and signed.
  • H.R. provides program officials with Application Link and application password.
  • University/EEP Program officials complete the online application for each placement request, attach the required Criminal Background check forms provided in the application and any documentation that they need completed to confirm the placement.
  • H.R. makes placements for classroom teachers and notifies the program by email and if applicable, returns the completed documentation submitted once the placement is confirmed
  • Clinical Practitioner or Special Area placement requests, such as Counselors, Speech and Language Pathologists, Diagnosticians, Nurses, etc…, are forwarded to the appropriate department director for placement.
  • Department directors will make the placements and notify the program contact of the placement details.
  • At the start of the placement assignment Student Teachers/Clinical Practitioners visit the Administration Building, room 111, to obtain a Student Teacher ID badge for identification purposes. The badge does not provide access to RISD buildings.

Student/Clinical Teacher Guidelines:

  • Requests for placements must be a course or program requirement of a College, University, or Educator Preparation program for teacher certification or other professional licensure.
  • Placements will not be made without a formal request from the school/program official.
  • Placements are made based on capacity and availability to provide appropriate mentors who meet the requirements to host mentees. RISD reserves the right to deny placements requests should those conditions not be met.
  • Student Teachers/Clinical Practitioners are for educational purposes only and are non-paid.
  • Professional dress and decorum are expected from all participants.
  • In accordance to FERPA and District guidelines, student confidentiality must be maintained
  • Adherence to all district guidelines, procedures and protocols is expected.

The Student Teacher/Clinical Practitioner Application Deadlines:

  • Fall: August 1
  • Spring: December 1

Student Teacher/Clinical Practitioner Contact

Misty Wilson
Misty Wilson
Executive Director of Human Resources