Drug & Alcohol Task Force


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The Drug & Alcohol Task Force was commissioned during Spring 2022 to research, collaborate, and design the next level of programming we need in RISD to better support our students so they are equipped to make choices that support their academic and emotional growth.

A goal of the Task Force was to work with law enforcement, government agencies, content experts, and parents to build upon and reimagine existing prevention programming efforts so RISD can better equip our students with the information, awareness and confidence to make healthy choices related to substance abuse.

This group met over the course of three months and information was provided to the Board of Trustees at their June meeting. Administration will formalize the Task Force recommendations over the summer and present their recommendations at the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

Additional information and resources:

Task Force Participants

  • Dr. Matthew Gibbins
  • David Lewis
  • Dr. Melissa Heller
  • Sandra Hayes
  • Joe Miniscalco
  • Jessica Haas
  • Dr. Summer Martin
  • Carmen Steward
  • Suzanne Tsatsoulas
  • Sharmedia Gunter
  • Dr. Jason Tharp
  • Kymberle Sterling
  • Tony Parker
  • Jeremy Jewitt
  • Brian Alcorn
  • Sgt. Fitzsimmons
  • Ronda Hodges
  • Deetrice Thomas
  • Kevin Pitts
  • Michelle King
  • Lori Squalls
  • Leonard Braxton
  • Jessica Torres
  • Chris Choat
  • Demetra Sinnie
  • Jeff Wilson
  • Sara Fox
  • Chelsea Alvarado
  • Abbie Kauffman
  • Ken Hutchenrider
  • Catherine Riggle
  • Cynthia Velazquez
  • Sarah Barker
  • Darwin Spiller
  • Ashley Jones
  • Nida Noorani
  • D’vonyotto Noye
  • Ana Castillo
  • Jinny Miller
  • Lillian Mauldin
  • Sonya Parker Goode
  • Linda Webb
  • Navid Khodaparast, Ph.D
  • Deborah Dobbs, MA
  • Erin Dooley
  • Becky Tinney
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