Enrollment and Registration

Required Documents

Requirements for Enrollment – A parent or other person with legal control of a child under a court order who enrolls a child in the District must provide:
Child’s Proof of Identity:
  • The child’s birth certificate or another document suitable as proof of the child’s identity.
  • If the parent certifies that the birth certificate is not available, RISD will accept a valid passport, hospital birth record, church baptismal record, adoption record, driver’s license, military identification card, or other legal document that establishes the child’s identity.
 Social Security Card
  • This is optional. RISD uses a student’s Social Security number for submissions under the Public Education Information Management system (PEIMS). If a parent chooses not to provide a Social Security number, RISD will assign a state-approved identifier.
Child’s Complete Immunization Records
  • Date, month, and year of every immunization received.
Proof of Residency
  • Proof of residency is required upon enrollment for the following students:
    • Students new to RISD
    • Students who departed RISD and are returning
    • Current RISD students enrolling in a new school
    • Students enrolling in Pre-K
    • Students enrolling in Kindergarten
    • Students enrolling in first year of junior high or middle school
    • Students enrolling in first year of high school
  • Current Electric, Water or Gas Bill, or lease (signatures and dates must be visible), which must contain the parent’s name and parent’s address.
    • Mortgage payment books, phone, cable, internet bills, insurance statements and driver’s licenses are not acceptable proof of residency.
    • No terminations will be accepted.
Parent / Guardian’s I.D.
  •  Driver’s License, State-Issued I.D., or Passport.
Proof of Withdrawal Form from Child’s Former School
  •  This is required only if the child was withdrawn from school during the current school year.
Child’s Last Report Card

Miscellaneous Information About Enrollment and Registration

See RISD’s Pre-K website.

Kindergarten students must be five years old on or before September 1 of the current school year and the student and either parent must be a resident of the district.

First Graders
First graders must be six years old by September 1 of the current year unless the child has completed public kindergarten in another state/country or has been receiving public first grade instruction in another state/country.

School Finder
Not sure what school attendance area you live in? Find out with RISD’s School Locator.

Transfer Requests
For information on requests to transfer between RISD schools (Intra-District) or between RISD and another school district (Inter-District), see the Transfer Requests page.

Out of District
RISD schools are not currently open to students who live outside of district boundaries.

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