Patti Kieker Servant Leader Award


Dr. Summer Martin, Executive Director of Counseling & Prevention Services, is the 2024 winner of the annual Patti Kieker Servant Leader Award, which shines a light upon an exemplary central administration employee who has helped RISD achieve the district’s mission and who exemplifies servant leadership.

Here are some of the things colleagues had to say about Summer:

  • She recognizes the strengths of nearly every person she works with and also recognizes opportunities for them to use their strengths to benefit our students and families.
  • She has an amazing way of building relationships with people and making them feel heard and loved and supported. When you feel those things from somebody, you work with or work for, you automatically put in extra effort to do your very best because you feel appreciated.
  • Her ability to really see the big picture and how all the different pieces and parts fit together along with her ability to come up with specific plans of action that are doable have really paved ways in this district that make our counselors’ work more efficient, more effective, and more impactful for students and families.

Patti Kieker is a RISD legend, forging her legacy for more than 40 years in the district. As a teacher, assistant principal, principal, executive director, assistant superintendent, deputy superintendent, and interim superintendent, she supported our students, families, teachers, principals, and staff by providing support and guidance that exemplifies the qualities of a servant leader.

Dr. Summer Martin is also an RISD legend and this year’s Patti Kieker Award winner. Congratulations, Summer!  


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