Legislative Information

Legislative Update, December 2, 2023

Both the House and Senate have adjourned Sine Die, meaning the fourth called special legislative session is over. No legislation was passed to impact school finance, teacher pay, or school safety. The governor’s call for a school choice program or vouchers (education savings accounts) did not pass either. $3.9 billion dollars, appropriated for public education in the state’s budget, still has no legislation to direct that funding.

Governor Abbott has not yet said when, or even if, he will call a 5th special session. According to the
Texas Tribune, the 246 days that lawmakers have been in session in 2023 is the most of any year since 1845.

Please see click here to see a School Finance Fact Check document to learn a little more about what is happening with public school finance in Texas.

2023 Legislative Priorities

The Richardson ISD Board of Trustees supports legislation that places student and educator safety, as well as student academic achievement, as top priorities while allowing school districts to make decisions based on what is best for their local school community. RISD Trustees look to the 88th Legislature to allocate the resources and support necessary for teachers and administrators to prepare students to meet and exceed state standards and to become productive citizens. RISD Trustees believe data and research from experts should be used to inform legislation, while allowing that decisions regarding implementation be made by those closest to the students and their families.

We Support:

Measures To Enhance School Safety

  • Allow school districts the option to prohibit school buildings from being used as polling places on any day school is in session, except on the November Election Day
  • Increase the school safety allotment and allow local control for school safety measures that should include:

Measures To Address Teacher Recruitment, Retainment and Retraining

  • Elevate the teaching profession by initiating a statewide campaign to support and advocate for the teaching profession.
  • Provide state-funded benefits for educators like paid leave for new parents, reduced insurance premiums and deductibles, State Parks and Recreations or DMV benefits, etc.
  • Provide pay incentives to recruit new teachers and retain veteran teachers that is separate and apart from the Teacher Incentive Allotment
  • Allow flexibility in certifications to allow districts to fill high-need openings
  • Suspend the TRS penalty for rehiring retired teachers

Measures To Establish A Fair Public School Funding System

  • Increase the basic allotment to allow for inflation
  • Increase the state’s share of funding education to allow for local property tax reduction
  • Ensure that all funds collected by the State from public school districts (ISDs) are only distributed to school districts (ISDs) and are not allocated to other entities, institutions or other areas of the State budget
  • Provide flexibility in spending requirements
  • Eliminate unfunded mandates
  • Reduce state reliance on recapture by limiting the percentage of recapture allowed

Measures To Enhance The State’s Accountability System

  • Specify that any public tax dollars used to fund education for any institution (public, charter, home or private school) shall be held accountable to taxpayers by complete participation of the education institution in the state’s accountability system that measures student achievement (STAAR)
  • Allow national assessments that contribute to student acceptance into institutions of higher education like PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, or IB to be used in place of end-of-course exams with no penalty to the student or school district
  • Ensure that emergent bilingual students do not receive more testing than other students

Furthermore, RISD Trustees Support:

  • Prioritizing local control in all legislation to ensure those closest to the community and voters are held accountable
  • Ensuring that all school districts are allowed representation (in all forms) before the Texas legislature and executive branch
  • Clarifying required bond language to include information for voters that indicates a proposed tax rate may reduce the amount of taxes owed


Richardson ISD State Legislators

Below is list of state legislators who represent Richardson ISD. To find the legislator who represents you visit Who Represents Me? and enter your home address.

Representative Ana-Maria Ramos, House District 102

Representative Morgan Meyer, House District 108

Representative Angie Chen Button, House District 112

Representative John W. Bryant, House District 114

Senator Bob Hall, Senate District 2

Senator Tan Parker, Senate District 12

Senator Nathan Johnson, Senate District 16

Richardson ISD Federal Legislators

  • Washington D.C. Office: 202-224-2934
  • Washington D.C. Office: 202-224-5922
  • Washington D.C. Office: 202 225-2231
  • Local Office: 972-972-7949