District Committees


Richardson ISD partners with district stakeholders to serve on various committees for district needs each school year. We value stakeholder input as a meaningful way to engage and support the district. Learn more about the current committees and how to apply below.

Interested in serving on a committee in RISD?

Please note that the committee interest form for the 2023-24 school year has closed. Applications will open again as opportunities arise throughout the current school year. The annual application process is held every August.

RISD has opportunities for parents or guardians, community members and business owners, to be engaged through various committees. If you are interested in serving, please fill out the form below. RISD will contact those interested, as the need arises.

Please note that the committee interest form for the 22-23 school year has closed.

Current District Committees

District Committees are advisory in nature and can include Richardson ISD staff, community members, parents, and students when appropriate. The number of representatives from each group can vary based on the specific needs and outcomes for the committee.
Name of CommitteeCommittee MembershipPurpose of CommitteeCommittee Chair
Calendar CommitteeStaff and Parents
Calendar Committee
To make a recommendation to the BOT for the upcoming year’s calendar (Meets annually)Mike Jasso, Chief of Staff
District Planning CommitteeStaff, Parents, Community
District Planning Committee
To provide feedback to the district related to the District Improvement Plan (Meets twice annually)Mike Jasso, Chief of Staff
District of InnovationStaff, Parents, Community
District of Innovation Committee
To create and make a formal recommendation to the BOT for the District of Innovation Plan (Meets every 3 years)Mike Jasso, Chief of Staff
Drug & Alcohol Task ForceStaff, Parents and Community Partners
Drug & Alcohol Task Force Committee
Drug & Alcohol Task Force Committee
Research, collaborate, and design the next level of programming we need in RISD to better support this effort to ensure our students are equipped to make choices that support their academic and emotional growth. The district will work with law enforcement, government agencies, content experts, and parents in these efforts to build upon and reimagine how RISD will equip our students with the information, awareness and confidence to make healthy choices related to substance abuse.Dr. Matthew Gibbins
SHACStaff, Parents, Community
School Health Advisory Council
Advisory council appointed by the school district to serve at the district level in coordination with TEA, Texas Health and Human Services and Texas Legislature. It is made up of parents, community members, students, and school staff working together to improve the health of ALL students and families through coordinated school health programs.Kellie Sellers, Health & P.E.
Equity CouncilStudents, Staff, Community
Equity Council Committee
Provide oversight for equity goals and timelineAngie Lee, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Strategic Plan Design TeamStaff, Parents, Community and students
Design Team Participants
The Richardson ISD Strategic Plan is the result of a community-designed, collaborative effort among internal and external stakeholders. The design team is composed of district administrators, campus staff, community members, business leaders, parents, teachers, and students.Dr. Melissa Heller, Strategy & Engagement
Parent Safety and Security CommitteeStaff and ParentsTo review district practices for safety and security at our campuses.Cedric Ingram &
Sandra Hayes, Safety & Security
ALS Advisory CommitteeCommunity, Staff, Students
Advanced Learning Advisory Committee
Provide feedback and perspective to ongoing work in the area of advanced learning which includes AVID, any advanced courses, advanced testing, and gifted servicesElizabeth Swaner, Advanced Learning
Instructional Materials Allocation Central CommitteeCommunity, Staff
Instructional Materials Allocation Central Committee
Evaluate the recommendation of the IMA subcommittee and determine recommendation for adoption of resources to the Board of TrusteesMonica Simonds, Advanced Learning
CTE Advisory CommitteeStaff, Students, CommunityProvide feedback on career programming offered to students district-wide. Recommends adjustments based on student and industry needs. Provides insight to advancements and projections of industry specific labor market needs.Creighton Bryan, Career & Technical Education
Technology Advisory CommitteeStaff, Students, Parents, Community, Business Partners, and College/University Representatives
Technology Advisory Committee Members
The Technology Advisory Committee will provide critical input in the development of the district’s Long Range Plan for Technology. The committee will also study and discuss current initiatives, emerging trends, and future needs.Henry Hall, Technology
Community Budget Steering CommitteeParents, Community, and Staff
Budget Steering Committee Members
The purpose of the 2023 Community Budget Steering Committee is to provide the Richardson Independent School District (Richardson ISD) Administration and Board of Trustees with financially sustainable recommendations to address the unprecedented financial challenges.David Pate, Budget & Finance
Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee (ESAC)Parents, Community, and Staff
ESAC Members
Establish and maintain a culture of sustainability across all RISD activities, purchasing, and facilitiesJennifer Malaniuk, Energy & Sustainability