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As a convenience to our students, families, employees, and patrons, the district allows third-party organizations that provide services, activities or events for children and families the opportunity to distribute materials electronically via the Peachjar e-flyer system to district families and/or employees.

RISD does not accept nor distribute printed or paper flyers from any third-party organization about events or activities not directly sponsored by RISD and an RISD school. Submission of electronic flyers in both English and Spanish are highly encouraged. Flyers will be distributed via email and posted to a school webpage designated for that purpose.

The following information provides instructions and protocols for using the Peachjar e-flyer system:

  • All requests for electronic flyer distribution by outside community organizations must first be approved. Peachjar charges businesses and outside organizations a fee for this service. Please visit for more information.
  • All flyers considered for distribution from non-RISD organizations must:
    1. Not directly conflict with RISD programs.
    2. Support RISD mission and vision.
    3. Promote awareness of educational, child-related or family-related products, activities or events.
    4. Not offer activities, products, or services related to alcohol, drugs, firearms or weapons, illegal materials or activities, activities advocating violence or lawlessness, activities that conflict with prohibitions in the RISD Student Code of Conduct, dangerous activities or activities otherwise not suitable for school-aged children.
    5. Not be political in nature, and may not advocate for or against any political candidate, issue or decision being considered or discussed by any elected official, governmental entity or public organization.
    6. Not be a solicitation by a for-profit business advertising goods or services not specifically targeting school-age students and/or supplemental or enriching educational opportunities.
    7. Not state or imply endorsement of a program of service, including through use of district or campus logos or branding.
Note: RISD reserves the right to not approve any request for distribution that does not comply with these guidelines.
  • The following disclaimer must be added to third-party flyer submissions: This non-school activity/publication is not sponsored nor endorsed by the Richardson Independent School District. The Spanish translation of this disclaimer is: Esta actividad/publicacíon no es de la escuela y no es patrocinada o avalada por el Richardson Independent School District.
  • To request flyer approval, follow the steps below. If approved, your flyer will be emailed to parents of students at selected schools and posted online.
    1. Visit
    2. Log in
    3. Upload your flyer for approval
  • Your flyer will be automatically submitted to RISD for review and approval. Please allow up to two business days for the district to evaluate flyer submissions.
RISD offers the Peachjar e-flyer distribution opportunity to third-party organizations as a convenience, and reserves the right to discontinue the publication of any third-party flyer for any reason. Questions related to the Peachjar e-flyer system should be directed to Peachjar.