Election Day is March 5


All elections are important, and the primaries are extremely important because decisions about the future of public education will be made in the next Texas legislative session in 2025.

We need elected officials who support public schools.

The primary election on March 5 will determine which candidates are on the ballot in the November general election. Most of what we hear about elections in the media or among friends is focused on Election Day in November and the national election for President.

However, the primaries include the candidates who are running for state and local seats. These elected officials have a direct impact on our lives, our communities, and our schools.

Only 18 percent of registered voters in Texas participated in the state’s last primary in 2022. In other words, very few voters determine elections, so make your voice heard by voting.

It’s easy to vote in a primary, you only need to be a registered voter. Texas has what is known as an open primary, which means that any registered voter can choose to vote in any political party’s primary election regardless of how you have voted in the past.

Please exercise your civic responsibility as a voter during this 2024 election year. Election Day is Tuesday, March 5. Click here to search for voting locations, including about three dozen RISD facilities, on Election Day.

Voting not only gives us a voice, but also demonstrates for students the importance of using that voice. Be an example for our students and parents by voting in the March primaries. You can learn more about how and where to vote at VoteTexas.gov.

Please click here to learn about Texas Educators Vote, a non-partisan partnership-based project working to create a culture of voting in Texas public schools. Click here to watch a video on why primaries matter because education is on the ballot at every level.

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