Thank a Teacher

join RISD to say thank you teachers

Richardson ISD wants to recognize the work teachers do to support every child, every day. RISD believes there is an opportunity EVERY day to show appreciation for teachers and all they do to ensure student success.

Please join us in our efforts to celebrate our teachers throughout the year. It is always a good time to let our teachers know that they are appreciated for everything they do. A kind note, a friendly email, or a thoughtful act are always appreciated by professional educators who work for all students, all year long.

Some ways to “Thank a Teacher” include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Host a snack cart
  • Host breakfast or lunch 
  • Provide soft drinks or coffee for a staff meeting
  • Donate gift cards or other incentives 
  • Donate time to a service project on campus – help decorate the lounge or entryways, paint outdoor tables, provide traffic support in the carpool lane, help in the garden, etc. 
  • Write a note of appreciation 

These are just a few ideas. Let us hear yours! 

Click here to learn more and we will connect you with a campus. All community partners will be acknowledged at an upcoming board meeting, in addition to having appreciation signage placed on each campus.

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