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Parents are integral to student success. From working with children at home to actively participating in school and activities, parent involvement provides many positive benefits to a child’s education. This site has been developed to help our parents with resources and tools they can use to support their students with their educational needs.

Digital Tip - What is RISD’s BYOD Network?

RISD maintains a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Network at all schools for the purpose of providing WiFi for students or staff who may need to use a personal device for school-related purposes, and for visitors who need to access WiFi while on a campus.

RISD junior high and high school students are issued RISD Chromebooks for school-related functions, which use the main RISD WiFi network. The BYOD Network is for non-RISD devices that need WiFi for school-related purposes. Some important reminders:

  • District Chromebooks must be used for all tests, quizzes, assessments, and state assessments on the main RISD Network Wi-Fi.
  • RISD teachers and staff utilize Go Guardian software to help manage appropriate student WiFi usage on district devices on the main RISD Network WiFi.   While filters are in place for the BYOD network, Go Guardian is not available on non-RISD devices using the BYOD network.
  • All student opportunities to use the BYOD network in the classroom are at a teacher’s discretion.
  • In all instances, RISD’s cellphone-free classroom and hallway expectations supersede any use of the BYOD network by any students.

Online Safety​

RISD supports lessons and programs to ensure students are safe and responsible online, and we encourage families to continue the development of these important skills at home. Please click the links below for more information.

District Guidelines

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If you need additional assistance with a district issued device, please contact your child’s campus and they will provide you the information or redirect you to right support team.