Fine Arts Appreciation Month

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March is Fine Arts Appreciation Month. 

RISD celebrates the impact more than 250 teachers have across all campuses and throughout the community. More than 32,000 students in PreK through senior year are impacted by the arts in RISD. That’s roughly 86% of all students in RISD that create, collaborate, problem-solve, and engage through an artistic opportunity that directly benefits all aspects of their learning and lives. 

Beginning in PreK, RISD students experience music twice each week with one day of art as they learn about thinking outside the box and having a creative mindset. RISD students see differences as a good thing and learn that empathy and understanding are what make every child special. 

RISD secondary students have the opportunity to participate in band, choir, orchestra, theater, dance, and visual arts to hone unique talents and focus on growth while experiencing excellence. Through the RISD visual and performing arts, students develop a passion for learning, understand how to make meaningful connections, learn how to effectively communicate, and become critical thinkers with long-term problem-solving skills and techniques. 

RISD is excited to celebrate the amazing teachers who go above and beyond to create real-world experiences and connections for students that will impact their lives for many years to come. As a district, RISD partners with a community that values the arts and stands alongside the school district in an effort to build better humans through visual and performing arts. 

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RISD Fine Arts Vision
RISD Fine Arts Vision: Every child deserves a safe place to learn; to be held accountable for appropriate growth and supported on their educational journey; to have an arts advocate that cares for their personal needs; to belong to a school family; to experience excellence.

We lead with excellence in instruction, excellence through consistency, excellence by being persistent, excellence through growth, excellence through performance, excellence with opportunities for every child, excellence through valuable feedback, excellence within our own personal growth.

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