RISD uses to let parents easily and securely pay for certain campus and student activities that involve a fee, such as field trips, device insurance, student club fees, and more. allows parents and RISD to avoid cash payments for school-related fees.

RISD parents can create an account and add their student(s) by visiting Through the year as fees arise, based on each student’s activities and involvement, RISD staff can add fees specific to each student, and parents can pay online through SchoolPay.

Things to know about

  • Parents can create an account using the contact information provided to RISD upon enrollment, or may create an account and select their student(s) using their school name and student ID number.
  • will be used to allow parents to pay fees associated with a number of student or campus activities, but it Is not used to pay for cafeteria balances. RISD continues to use SchoolCafé for parents to pay cafeteria balances, as it is integrated into RISD’s cafeteria points of sale.
  • For some activities, a 3.99% service fee will be included in the fee for RISD parents who use to pay for an RISD fee. In those cases, it will be clearly indicated with information that accompanies the specific fee.
  • Parents can learn more about how to use by watching this video or visiting these FAQs.
  • Having trouble with a account? Contact customer by visiting and clicking Contact at the top right.
  • Having trouble finding your student in or have any RISD questions about how SchoolPay is used? Contact us here.