Social Media Responsible Use Guidelines

The Richardson Independent School District (“RISD” or the “District”) has established social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) for the district’s community to help keep parents, students and staff informed about District news, events and celebrations.

We will update social media accounts frequently to share successes of RISD students and staff, in addition to other relevant District information.

We welcome your interaction with RISD through our social media accounts.

All posting of comments on this page is at the discretion of the page administrators. All users must disclose their identity. RISD does not intend to prevent the posting of candid comments or critiques, but the District will take appropriate steps to protect the privacy and rights of RISD students and staff.

We will not allow the posting of information that specifically identifies students or reveals confidential information about RISD students or employees. The RISD page administrators will review all postings to ensure they follow these guidelines and the District’s Responsible Use Guidelines regarding Internet access and practices.

RISD does not sponsor or endorse any advertising that may appear on the site during a session.

RISD strives to provide a safe and open environment and this commitment extends to our social media presence.

RISD will remove any posting that:

  • Is spam – i.e.: repeatedly posting the same comment or comments.
  • Breaks the law, incites violence or lawlessness, or encourages others to do so, including violation of copyright laws.
  • Encourages or glamorizes the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs.
  • Contains abusive, demeaning, or inappropriate language or statements about students or staff. This prohibition includes remarks that are discriminatory on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, age, or disability, as well as those that contain profanity, are sexually explicit, lewd, provocative, or that describe graphic violence or lawlessness.
  • Easily identifies students and/or staff in a defamatory, abusive, or generally negative manner.
  • Invades another’s privacy.
  • Is not generally suited for a school-aged audience.
  • RISD will remove the post(s) of any user who attempts to hide his/her identity and may ban the user(s) from District pages.

The RISD page administrators reserve the right not to post or to remove any comments at any time, for any reason and to remove access rights to any user who posts information in violation of these guidelines. All comments are subject to moderation.

If you have a comment or would like to report a post for us to review, send an email to

Please note, you also may sign up to receive email and phone text messages of our updates as they are posted through the settings of your personal social media accounts.

RISD strives to provide a safe and open environment and this commitment extends to our social media presence. Facebook users who attempt to hide their identity will have their posts removed from the District account, and may be banned from the District’s page(s).