The Richardson ISD Foundation Launches New GEMs Monthly Giving Program

Foundation GEMS logo

The Richardson ISD Foundation has launched GEMs, a new monthly giving program.

Through GEMs, which stands for “Gives Every Month,” RISD staff and community members can provide ongoing support for The Foundation’s Impact Grant program. Impact Grants offer up to $1,000 to support RISD staff in the following areas: materials and resources, professional development, student projects, and technology.

RISD staff members who wish to contribute to GEMs through payroll deductions can sign up using the online registration form on The Foundation’s website. 

Employees who give $10 or more a month will receive a special token of appreciation from The Foundation. Plus, everyone who registers to participate will have a chance to receive one of five $100 gift cards. And as an added bonus, the campus or department with the highest percentage of staff participants will receive a $2,000 grant.

Learn more about GEMs on the Foundation’s website at, and register to give through payroll deduction at

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