Community Budget Steering Committee Continues Work at October Meeting

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Charged with assessing and prioritizing RISD’s current and long-term financial needs, the RISD Community Budget Steering Committee convened for its fourth meeting this week, continuing a process expected to result in recommendations to the board in December.

Subcommittee work continued in the following four areas:

  • Facility Utilization: Committee members will review current facility usage and make recommendations related to improving utilization.
  • Staffing and Compensation: Members will review campus and central staffing ratios and compensation schedules to make recommendations on appropriate staffing levels.
  • Central Administration: This subcommittee will review departmental expenditures and make recommendations related to reducing costs.
  • Revenue Generation: Committee members will review opportunities for increasing revenue.

Each member identified the subcommittee they wanted to participate in to study in-depth potential solutions to the district’s projected operating deficit.

Additional information about each sub-committee, including October presentation information, is available on the Community Budget Steering Committee website.

Subcommittees will continue to meet through the semester in preparation for recommendations to be presented to the board in December.

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