Every Campus Now Accepts Absentee Notes Electronically

Click here for RISD attendance information

FOCUS is the safe and secure online portal available to RISD parents to access their student’s grades, schedule, attendance, and assessment history.

RISD parents and guardians are now able to submit an attendance note electronically via FOCUS. Handwritten notes will still be accepted at all campuses, as well.

To submit an attendance note electronically, parents will log in to FOCUS and will be able to see “Alerts” indicating a student absence.

Click on the specific “Alert” to open a new page that lists absences. In the “Excuse Note” column, click on “Upload” and choose the note to submit. The school’s attendance clerk will then approve or deny the note, and parents can monitor this process in FOCUS.

Click here for a short tutorial on how to submit an attendance note via FOCUS.

All RISD parents can receive daily or weekly notifications from the FOCUS portal, which is also accessible via a secure mobile app.

Learn more about signing up for a FOCUS account here.

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